Whoever said Nuns don't know how to have fun?


Sr. Therese celebrated her 21st Birthday in the Monastery! We had so much fun pouring out lots of love onto this nice young lady. We are so happy to have her here as a part of our family. Happy Birthday Sr. Therese.


Don't be fooled by how serious we look. Making pickles is a lot of fun and they taste good too! Thank you to all who bring us such nice fresh produce from their garden so we can enjoy these tasty treats!


Wait! There's more! Look at St. Therese puree the Tomatoes for Sr. Martin's Italiano Homemade Sauce!


Everyone say Parmesan Cheese!

What are those bright orange things floating in the lake?  


Oh, it's just Sr. Therese and Sr. Joseph taking the canoe for a spin.


Sr. Therese engages the Sisters in a serious discussion.


But we Sisters can never be too serious for too long!

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