Our Monastery is located on 20 acres of land which means lots of natural beauty for all to appreciate. As stewards of God's beautiful gifts we and many other generous souls respond to the call to keep the grounds well kept. The change in season from Winter to Spring means lots of clean up. Work is God's gift to man and we always enjoy the many graces that this work provides.

 Each Spring Maureen Tippen organizes a group of generous volunteers to come out and rake leaves and clean up from the many winter storms. What a crew! Thank you Maureen and Andy and all volunteers!


 The new sisters get a lesson in tractor tune up!

 All tuned up and ready to go! But no matter how hard we try it is Sr. Martin who has the magic touch to 'start her up'!

 The first to start her up is the first to take her for a spin!


 No, it's not the sisters playing John Bosco. We really are cleaning out the barn and organizing all of our outdoor toys and equipment.

 Sr. Sacha is quick to take on the challenge of cleaning up the nests of the fuzzy critters who decided to make our barn their home over the winter. Look out for the squirrel behind you!

 Hard at work are Jerry and Barb Baumgart and Sue VanMaanen. They came out and planted a nice long row of Black Eyed Susans and tomato plants. Thank you Jerry, Barb and Sue!

Tim and Patty were a wonderful help in giving several of our flower beds a much needed lift. Tim with his saw in hand cut down a tree to make these nice logs to border Dominic's garden.


 Patty brought to us several big nice rose bushes to plant in the front bed of our Monastery. We are so grateful for the beauty that these plants provide for all to enjoy!

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