St. Catherine was born in 1347. From her childhood she showed signs of her desire to belong entirely to God, and by 16, she was experiencing a life of deep prayer. Throughout her short life of 33 years, she experienced extraordinary manifestations of God's love. She never saw these as essential to a deep prayer life, but said the way to an authentic relationship with God was the "ordinary" way of faith, hope and love. Catherine had an intense love of St. Dominic and of the Order he founded. At 18, she received the habit of the Third Order of St. Dominic, a group of laywomen. A strong emphasis in Catherine's life and teaching is the inseparability of love of God and love of neighbor: the one cannot exist without the other. The Dialogue, Catherine's principal work, is regarded as the essence of all her theological teaching. The Feast Day of St. Catherine is celebrated on April 29. We dedicated the Monastery Chapel to St. Catherine.

By Suzanne M. Young


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