Truth must be sought in the Holy Scriptures and not eloquence. The Bible ought always to be read with the assistance of the same Spirit by Whose agency it was written. We should seek our profit when we read the Scriptures rather than subtle disputations. We ought to be as ready to read a devotional book which is quite simple, as we are to read those which enter deeply and learnedly into their subjects. Let not the authority of the writer, whether he be of high or low literary repute, influence you; but let the love of pure truth draw you to read. You should not inquire who wrote it, but consider attentively what is written.

People pass away; but "the truth of the Lord endures for ever." God speaks in various ways to us, without respect of persons. Our curiosity often hinders us in reading the Scriptures, when we should simply pass on. If you wish to derive profit, read with lowliness, simplicity and faith; and never covert a reputation for learning.

Be not reluctant to ask questions, and listen in silence to the words of holy persons; and do not dislike the parables of the ancients, for they are not quoted without cause. Thomas a Kempis

The motto of the Dominican Order is "Truth": Laudare-Benedicere-Praedicare = to Praise, to Bless, to Preach. Our modern day society needs guides to God through the path of Truth. It is a virtue to be highly prized and sought after in an age of little trust.

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