The Monastic life is not new. The contemplative life is not new. This is an ancient form of life originated in the 4th century and even before. However, it lives forever new as it answers the needs of contemporary answer to simplified style of living.

Our society rebels against schedule and calls it a lack of freedom. What do we rebel against?

The real rebellion, and especially the youth, is a cry against complexities and the artificial society. Can we return to the essentials of simplicity? If we seek such a return. . .it is a natural reverting to the Monastic Life.

The rhythm of prayer, work, play, unity in communal living and loving with small demands. Our effort is not to turn away from society of which we are a part, but to witness to society the possibility of allowing the expansion of the human person. Reaching out to what is natural and real as opposed to what is often unreal. One that shines among people in a life of utter simplicity that reflects the Presence of God who alone is Reality.  The Monastic life penetrates society and tells of eternal values to a suffering age of uncertainty. It is a sign of freedom from our noisy culture to restore the primary essentials of living. The structure of Monastic Life allows for relaxation and an atmosphere of learning, study and truth.

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 Sr. Maria, Sr. Anne, Sr. Joseph, Sr. Agnes and Sr. Martin (from left to right)