While there are various degrees of living the enclosed monastic life, essentially the values remain the same as of old: prayer, silence, necessary solitude, work, study and relaxing recreations. All these are carefully guarded, never losing that delicacy to the sensitivity of each person and her needs, with that balance that allows psychological peace.

Daily Mass is celebrated at the Monastery chapel. The Sisters chant the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) throughout the various times of the day. Thus is the day sanctified while prayer never ceases for all peoples of the world. At least two hours of the day are for mental prayer.


Serenity rises within the human heart when silence pervades the atmosphere. How many in our world seek silence and find it not.

Necessary Solitude

Everyone longs for periods of solitude; times of re-thinking and re-discovering eternal values. The community provides blocks of time that one may remain alone.


Each religious executes the work of the Monastery and whatever particular work of a personal talent. The community is self supporting and does remunerative work for its self sufficiency. The hours of work are dispersed throughout the day.


The commitment to study cannot be limited to the gaining of academic degrees and professional qualifications. Rather, study is an expression of the unquenchable desire for an ever deeper knowledge of God, the source of light and all human truth. Commitment to study is an incentive to dialogue and cooperation, a training in the capacity for judgment, a stimulus to contemplation and prayer in the constant quest for the presence and activity of God in the complex reality of today's world. The intellectual life is nourished through reading, research and study. This strong charism of the Dominican Order is never neglected. Our well-stocked library is provided for the use of the Sisters. Our daily schedule incorporates ample time for study and private research.

Relaxing Recreations

Silence gives way to laughter and fun. In the evening walking and talking brings the community together, exchanging and enjoying one another.

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