Transfiguration Retreat House at Mt. Thabor Monastery.

Come away to Mt. Thabor and rest in God's love and peace:

Do you need to retreat the hustle and bustle of family or work for a short time?
Are you traveling through and need a place to stay?
Are you visiting someone, but they do not have enough room and you do not want to stay in a hotel/motel?
Are you a student and need a quiet place to finish a project?
Do need to just be?

 Private retreats with accommodations:

Available by day, week or longer (registration required)
Complete with
You may come to chapel for prayer
No smoking on the premises
No pets


Contact Sisters by e.mail
or by phone 248.627.4355

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 Come to Me all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest.

 Yes, they have come from Massachusetts, Texas and California, etc.