What's New at the Monastery

 Meet Fr. Shafique, Chaplain of the Monastery. Father arrived at the Monastery at the end of August 2011. Being without a Chaplain for six months, the Sisters were delighted to receive him. Father comes to us all the way from Pakistan. Please join us in welcoming him to the United States.
 Father not only serves as our Chaplain but has truly joined our family in its fullness...prayer, work, study and play!

 The Sisters help Father celebrate his 18th year of Ordination as a Priest.

Father helps the Sisters with the great big job of mowing the grass!
Learn more about Fr. Shafique, his life in Pakistan and hopes for Peace in his country by downloading and printing this article which appeared in Ortonville's local paper "The Citizen" and please join us in prayer for Peace for countries who suffer such violence and persecution. fr. shafique p. 1.jpg fr. shafique p. 2.jpg

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