There are some that would say that the Transfiguration that took place on Mt. Thabor, before the passion, was a miracle. It was just the opposite, because Christ's soul always enjoyed the Beatific Vision. It was a miracle that his face did not always shine as the sun. Naturally, his Body would share in the glory of his soul. But the glory of his Body was withheld, so that He could suffer for us. The veil was lifted for a moment on Thabor so that the Apostles, who now believed that Jesus was God, could also believe that God, as man, could die. Jesus was so much bigger than death that He used it as a tool - for our redemption.

We who live in the age of the resurrection must revise, as did Peter, our ideas about death. God controls it. For us, it is not the end of anything real, only a leap onto the Father's knees.

The Gospel of Matthew, Mark and Luke tell the story of the Transfiguration of Christ on Mt. Tabor. (Spelled either way) Read Matthew Chapter 17, 1-8.

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